Top 8 Game Development Companies in India 2022

It’s not a secret that slowly but progressively gaming technology has been setting numerous benchmarks all over the industry. From mind-bending visuals to brain-draining complicated puzzles, the world of gaming has evolved with a sharp performance. All thanks to the game developers who put extensive research and effort into creating the best experience for the user. But as fun, as it seems game development is not a child’s play, it requires knowledge and the amount of commitment only a few individuals are willing to provide. So here we are picking the most distinctive and considered prominent companies who offer services and solutions regarding game development. 

“Game Creation Keeps on expanding just like universe, that is the reason why I keep making games” –

Hideo Kojima

The list is not a ranking stand; they all have contributed to the recent developments in gaming development. Individually they are leading companies in their region when it comes to mentioning the pre-eminent game development company.

1. Underdogs

They are a Mumbai-based company that has been providing various game development services over the past 10+ years. Their services include the majority of the game development platform and have been publishing 200+ games. They also develop games in AR\VR mode too which makes it quite amazing as the use of AR and VR has been rising digitally. 

2. Yudiz Solutions.

Yudiz Solutions was founded on the principle of collective and research-based efforts that would turn into technically hoisted results. Originated in 2008, being one of the oldest IT development companies and advancing in the industry by creating some of the most amazingly integrated and comprehensively smart games that have experienced successful downloads. They have been elevating their presence in Ahmedabad as well as all around the world by providing solutions in various game development for cross-platform gaming too.

Their current achievement was to become a part of the All India gaming federation as their developer and successfully create a Digital asset-based Play to Earn game. Their unique ideology is what sets them apart; to be a part of their customers’ successful journey. 

They have experts who can through their ingenious and enterprising vision create projects that could not only scale but become one of the most popular in today’s gaming industry. Looking at the result of their project you will find how resourceful they are and can tackle rapid changes quickly through their perceptive strategies. 

3. Hasbyte Studio

You won’t be surprised when I talk about Pune as one of the giants of IT hubs, correct?Well, our next company is from Pune, Hasbyte studio was founded in 2018 and since then they have been delivering excellent services using various tools and technology. The secret to their success must be their employees being highly creative because if you see their results you would clearly mention each and every detail utilised in their project.

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4. nCORE games

Situated in Bangalore are a mobile game and interactive entertainment company. They are quite experienced and well known for their FPS shooting games which can be considered their biggest achievement too. Using their years of cumulative experience they are able to complete their project with complete comprehensive authenticity.

5. HData Systems.

Their main forte is developing analytical data software but when it comes to making Visually responsive hyper-casual games they have been the best in the market. HData systems is experienced in creating innovative games that can be seen as successfully operational in the market. They are powered by HyperLink infosystems so leveraging the finest tools helps them to satisfy their customer without any obstacle. 

6. 99 Games 

They are one of the leading game creators and developers in India. The versatility they incorporate is simply amazing, coders, writers, designers and many experts have contributed to every game they have created. They have been increasing their market presence by providing confounding games that have performed in the market. Also, it helped them to become record-breaking game developers. Their published games have been invested by some of the well-known game producers who provide them guidance and knowledge to become what they are today. 

7. HCL Technologies

HCL is quite famous for providing next-generation technology-based solutions to each and every sector of currently functional industries. Recently they have started investing their resources in gaming technology and the reason they are on our list is because of their positive brand perception. It’s a company that has made numerous technological breakthroughs in India and will continue to do so. Game development is their subsidiary service but trusting their level of providing quality services they will surely become a reputable service provider in the advancing Indian gaming industry.

8. Spiel Studios

Starting from a small venture and making a reputation among the best game development firm, Spiel Studios have been creating games that would be able to perform on every platform one can offer. They were founded in 2008 making them experienced and stacking 10+ years of brilliant ideas that could help you with your next big project.

They have published games for both international and domestic markets making them skilled enough to craft games that can run on both proving grounds. The company makes sure to provide their clients a satisfied. Also, they cooperated experience making them one of the viable game development companies operating in the market.

Concluding Lines

As you can see there are numerous options available for a game enthusiast who is ready to invest in a game and wants it to be published on the global market. India is said to be progressively increasing their global presence in terms of an advanced technological market. This opens several possibilities for companies who are willing to dish out innovative ideas at the table. 

Upcoming years will be considered crucial for Game Development Companies as they experiment with countless technically elevated ideas and tools. These companies individually have been able to perform and provide authentic service to well-known clients. The future of game development sure looks promising to me. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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